Ravindra G Nene

A man of integrity and discipline, Mr. Nene has been steering YPPL's success story for last 32 years. An electronics engineer by education, Mr. Nene has a vast on field-experience pertaining to the domain of electrical and mechanical engineering.He believes in building an inclusive workspace where everyone is a benefactor of growth, prosperity and enrichments.

Mrs. Rajashri R Nene

A graduate of psychology by education, Mrs. Rajshree Nene is one of the strongest pillars of the Yogiraj family. With over 30 years of experience with governance, Mrs. Nene has been handling the crucial function of work procurement through various mediums like newspaper media and digital media. Besides this main role, she has a strong presence in all strategic functions of the company.

Yogesh Deshukh

Educated as a lawyer, Mr. Deshmukh is a generous and zestful person who loves to take challenges head on. An integral part of the company since 1991, Yogesh Deshmukh adds value to the company by virtue of hisexperienceand in-depth knowledge. A leader who leads by example, Mr. Deshmukh aims to take annual turnover of company above the 100 Cr. mark in next two years.

Prasanna Date

Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Prasanna Date is known for his detailed, accurate and thorough knowledge across the various domains. An integral part of Yogiraj since 1995, Mr. Date has always been generous while offering insights from his field experience as well has his ability of in-depth critical analysis. An excellent negotiator and mediator, Mr. Date is an intellectual powerhouse of Yogiraj.

Rohan Nene

A student of prestigious VJTI, Mr. Rohan Nene has completed his M.Tech in Electrical Power System and MBA from Wellingkar institute. Calm under pressure and observant by nature, he is highly meticulous at managing daily operations of company. His understanding of technology and ability to integrate it has taken operations of the company to a new level.